Akhand, Nurul A., P.Eng., PhD

Independent Consultant

Expertise: Computer and Modeling, Water, Environment
Keywords: Irrigation (surface/sprinkler/sub-surface/micro-irrigation), drainage, water quality, municipal liquid biosolids, optimization/simulation modeling, and water resources management
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Fraser, Hugh, P.Eng., MSc

OTB Farm Solutions

St. Catharines, Ontario

Expertise: Environment
Keywords: Mediation, expert witness, technical writing, MDS, urban shadow, auditing, speaker, conflict, swing beams
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Fraser, Hugh, P.Eng., MSc
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Klotzbach, Karl, P.Eng.

CNH Industrial America
Test & Homologations
W5599 County Road B Dalton, WI 53926
+1 717 327 6757

Expertise: Machinery
Keywords: product safety, standards, homologation
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Lohonyai, Adam, P.Eng., MSc

Origin and Cause Inc.

Expertise: Building
Keywords: Forensic structural engineering
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