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University of Manitoba
Medical Textile Lab
W579 Duff Roblin

Expertise: Medical
Posted in Academics


Dr. Zhong is working on functional electrospun nanofibers for biomedical applications, including wound care and tissue engineering. Electrospun nanofibrous as tissue engineering scaffolds can be good substrates for bioactive molecules and drugs to improve tissue repair process by mimicking native extracellular matrix (ECM).

Polymeric micelles formed from amphiphilic copolymers in aqueous solutions are promising as nanoscale carriers for anticancer drugs. Dr. Zhong is also developing various stimuli-responsive nanocarriers that release drugs with efficacy into tumor tissues upon changes in physical and chemical environments, such as redox potential and/or pH, which are two major chemical stimuli to trigger drug release from cargos.

Lab equipment available:

  • Electrospinning Apparatus
  • Liquid Extrusion Porosimeter
  • BET Absorptometer
  • Tensiometer
  • Viscometer