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University of Manitoba
Computational Optimization and Geometric Modeling Lab
University of Manitoba, E3-220 EITC

Expertise: Computer and Modeling, Imaging, Medical
Posted in Academics


Dr. Morrison is currently working on two main research projects: anatomically and mechanically accurate bone models and advanced computational methods for hyper-spectral imaging analysis.

Work has been done on finite element simulation of joint replacement surgeries, with particular interest in creating geometric and mechanical models of bones. With these models, it will be possible to approximate both human anatomy and the surgical modifications required before the prosthetic is implanted.  Work has also been done to reverse engineer surgical impacting tools to determine forces applied by surgeons during orthopaedic surgery.

Hyperspectral imaging uses advanced optics to collect a series of images of a subject. Each image is the reflected and transmitted radiation from the object within a narrow band of frequencies.  The series of images forms a data cube and provides spectral informations for each pixel location.  Dr. Morrison, together with Dr. Paliwal, has established methods to reduce blurring across pixels and improve calibration of the focal plane array.

Lab equipment available:

  • Fourier Transformed Infrared (mid IR) Microscope with ATR Imaging
  • chemometric analysis software
  • finite element modeling (ABACUS)